Between the years of 2015-2019, has served the Turkey Minisrty of Forestry and Water Affairs  and neighbouring countries, by providing aerial support with its 12 Russian Kamov Helicopters for forest fires.

In the scope of the project, Kaan air has added 3 EASA approved Kamovs registered for the fırst time in Turkey. Ka-32A11BC typed Kamov helicopters has allowed for Kaan Air to continue successfully fire fighting operations due to its superior performance, speed, high maneuverability, and its ability to carry high volumes of water with its various equipments attached.

Ka-32 model firefighting helicopters played a big role in the success of operations with effective and successful maintenance support and refueling, delivered from land to fire zones when necessary.

Kaan air, with its KA-32 helicopters, 6.842 hours of experience in aerial fire fighting, and a minimum of 88.300 ton water transportation ability, has aided the success of the operations in turkey significantly.