The AW189 is the latest-generation, high performance 8.3 / 8.6 tonne twin-engine helicopter, designed to answer the growing market demand for a versatile, affordable, multirole platform.
Class-leading speed and low internal vibration and noise minimise time airborne and provide exceptional passenger comfort.

An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) provides air conditioning whilst rotors are not turning, ensuring consistent cabin conditions in hot weather, on the ground.
The platform exceeds the most recent FAA and EASA Part 29 safety standards, ideal for demanding SAR and offshore operator requirements and benefits from an industry-leading 50 minutes ‘dry-run’ capability on the main gearbox.

The cockpit features an advanced, open-architecture avionics suite with fully digital glass cockpit, incorporating advanced situational awareness technologies to minimise pilot workload and optimise mission-effectiveness.

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Max Take-Off Weight 8300/8600 Kg
Basic empty weights 4675 Kg
Engine Rating (2 x GE CT7-2E1) (FADEC)
Take off 2 x 1983 shp
Standard 1304 liters
Auxiliary 760 liters
Pilots / Passengers 1-2 / 19
External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 17,60m
Height 5,06m
Main rotor diameter 14,60 m
Vne 169 kts
Cruise Speed 145/155 kts
Hovering OGE 8770 ft
Service ceiling 15000 ft
Max Range 535 nm*
Max endurance 5 h 05 min*

*: 2064 liters, with reserve, @ 5000 ft