The AW109 Trekker is the newest light twin-engine helicopter in the 3-tonne class; ideally suited to training, utility and aerial work operations which require best-in-class lifting capability, alongside superior range and performance.

The aircraft features a large, rapidly reconfigurable modular interior multi-role versatility, rugged, skid landing gear and cocoon-type high strength airframe and crash resistance systems for optimised safety. The AW109 Trekker features Category A Class 1 performance with no payload reduction up to ISA+20 (35°C @ SL) in Cat. A VTOL for safe O.E.I flight.

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MTOW 3175 Kg
Engine Rating (2 x Pratt & Whitney PW207C)
Power Rating – AEO Take Off 2 X 735 shp
Fuel Capacity
3-cell fuel system 575 liters
4-cell fuel system 669 liters
5-cell fuel system 805 liters
Pilots / Passengers 1-2 / 7-6
Performance (ISA, 3000 kg)
Vne 168 kts
Hover IGE 15600 ft
Hover OGE 10000 ft
Service Ceiling (AEO) 16200 ft
Max Range 445 nm
Max endurance 4 h 20 min