Gulfstream G800

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The all-new G800™ is the world’s longest-range business aircraft, extending your reach to more people and places around the globe in a single flight.

Take it to the limit. The G800 is a marvel of performance and efficiency as it cruises for a globe-spanning 8,000 nm/14,816 km1 at Mach 0.85. All-new, high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines team up with the industry’s most aerodynamic wing to power you to new destinations, faster, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The G800 links you nonstop to more destinations around the world than any other business aircraft. As you fly greater distances at top speeds, you gain time, the most precious commodity of all. Gulfstream’s high-speed range advantage can save you up to 1.5 hours3 on flights longer than 6,500 nm/12,038 km.


Enjoy the freedom of a cabin that accommodates all your moments, from focused work to relaxation and sleep. An elegantly appointed interior outfitted with the finest materials surrounds you in comfort and convenience. Breathe easy in an environment of 100% fresh air, renewed every two to three minutes and purified by our plasma-ionization clean air system.

Maximum Range * 14.816 km
High-Speed Mach 0.90
Long-Range Mach 0.85
Typical Cruise Mach 0.87
Landing Distance 991 m
Initial Cruise Altitude 12,497m
Maximum Cruise Altitude 15,545m
* NBAA IFR theoretical range.
Actual range will be affected by ATC routing,> operating
speed, weather, outfitting options and other

Total Interior Length 16.33 m
Cabin Length
14.27 m
Cabin Height 1.91 m
Cabin Width 2.49 m
Cabin Volume 60.54 cu m
Baggage Compartment
5.52 cu m
Maximum take off 47,899 Kg
Maximum landing 37,875 Kg
Maximum zero fuel 37,442 Kg
Basic Operating
(including 4
24,630 Kg
Maximum Payload* 2,812 Kg
Payload with Maximum Fuel* 1,043 Kg
Maximum Fuel* 22,407 Kg
* Standard weights are based on
theoretical standard outfitting
Actual weights will be affected by
outfitting options and other factors)
Design Standards
Avionics Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck
Engines Two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700
Rated Takeoff Thrust
81.20 kN
Passengers Up to 19
External Dimensions
Lenght 30.40 m
Overall Span 31.39 m
Height 7.77 m