AW169 was displayed at Airshow  in İstanbul for the first time
06-09 October 2016

Kaan Air has introduced Leonardo / AgustaWestland AW 169 type helicopters to the Turkish Market for the first time in İstanbul Airshow 2016. Kaan Air also exhibited two AW139s and a GrandNew during the airshow.

AW169 designed in the light twin-engine helicopter category, attracts the attention with its wide interior and passenger capacity enhancing up to 10. Getting all its certifications in July2015, AW169 is used for various missions like VIP,air ambulance,offshore flights in USA,Brazil,UK , Italy and Germany.

With its cutting –edge technology, AW169 helicopters transfer digital data among systems. Offering flight safety at the maximum level, AW169 helicopters minimizes the work load of the pilots i.e. its FADEC –controlled motors have no throttle.

Having a Full Ice Protection system, AW169 is the first helicopter that is able to fly in icing conditions among light type helicopters.