Ka-32A11BC is Russian Helicopters one of the best models that can be used as a multirole aircraft. This aircraft is specially designed for all type of difficult operations such as Search and Rescue operations, building tall structures, logging and especially complex fire fighting missions. The Ka-32A11BC is recognized by experts as one of the finest firefighting helicopters in the world, and is a symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative. The firefighting Ka-32A11BC helicopter boasts over 40 different options for firefighting equipment – including the Bambi-Bucket and Simplex systems, and water cannon for horizontal firefighting. It can fight fires in heavy smoke, on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, and on oil and gas industry facilities. The Ka-32A11BC meets the requirements of FAR-29, AP-29 and is EASA certified in 2009. It is currently being operated successfully in, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland.

Leading Features

Coaxial design and the absence of a tail rotor Ka32 is very famous for its incredible maneuver capabilities, high power and complete aerodynamic symmetry thanks to its brilliant coaxial design and the absence of tail rotor. It also has an extremely good hover precision. That is why it is very easy to operate this aircraft in dense urban areas, mountains with difficult access and forested regions. Compared to other aircrafts its can also easily land on small vessels, drilling platforms and on un-prepared hard to access sites. High Load Capacity Ka-32A11BC helicopters can carry up to 3700kg payload inside the cabin and up to 5000kg on its external slings. It can also carry up to 13 passengers inside the cabin during personnel transportation. Latest Avionic System The aircraft is equipped with top-notch integrated flight system with digital autopilot, dual link compass system, up-to date intercom, secure system for flight data recording and processing, complex navigation system and digital displays to indicate flight and navigation details with input data from meteor locator and IR-systems. Low Operating Costs Ka-32A11BC is fitted with two TV3-117VMA engines that enables easy maintenance in operations and low specific fuel consumption. Due to low operating costs it is very economical and also has an extended service life of 32.000flight hours. Safety in Flight To avoid simultaneous engine shut-off an “autonomous engines operation” is provided. Also the aircraft can perform horizontal flight or safe landing on the allocated pad of 22х22 m with a single engine and a 11.000kg flight weight. The aircraft does also have “Optional emergency Sea Landing System” that allows carrying out flights above water surface ensuring safe landing and timely evacuation.

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Max.take-off weight 11.000 kg
With underslung load 12.700 kg
Engine Rating (2хTV3-117 VMA)
Take-off power 2.200 H.P.
Contingency power 2.400 H.P.
Fuel Capacity
3 x tanks 605 liters
4 x tanks 711 liters
5 x tanks 870 liters
Pilots / Passengers 1-2 / 13
External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 11215 mm
Width 3805 mm
Height 5450 mm
Volume 7.30 m3
Hovering IGE 10600 ft
Max speed 260 km/h
Service ceiling 5000 m
Max range 650 km