Founded in 2015 in Kaan Air Australia is an affiliate of Başarı Holding and overseas branch of Kaan Air Turkey . Kaan Air A.Ş. and Kaan Air Australia has been involved in long term projects by serving corporate, private, public and government institutions. Kaan Air Australia provides high quality service and support to its customers during the helicopter sales stages.

Wiking Helicopter Service GmbH, headquartered in northern Germany / Wilhelmshaven, has been serving overseas flight in the Northern and Baltic sea regions with more than 40,000 accident free transfers. WIKING, which was originally established only to support the transportation of naval pilots, then grew by performing overseas personnel and material transportation flight to international oil and gas companies and wind industries. It also provides air ambulance service to wind parks with 24/7 full medical equipment helicopters.

WIKING has its own Part 145 and Part M departments in-house. Due to this fact, WIKING can provide flights without delays and high safety standards.Since August,2017 Kaan Air is the sole shareholder of Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH.


StarFlight Australia is a joint venture established in 2015 by two iconic aviation organisations, CareFlight Group and Kaan Air. Boasting over 50 years of joint industry experience StarFlight combines the local experience, expertise and infrastructure of CareFlight Group with the Operational Equipment Manufacture (OEM) supply and support of rotary wing aircraft from Kaan Air. StarFlight Australia delivers a complete integrated approach for government agencies, commercial operators and private organisations within Australia and the Asian Pacific requiring a rotary wing platform for a diverse range of aviation services.

BirdView was established in 2009 and since then has been serving in the area of maintenance and monitoring of high and medium tension electric power transmission lines with Infrared, Corona and High Definition cameras. Since 2015 Birdview also works on terrestrial laser scanning with its lidar technology. Accordingly in its back-office digital terrain modelings are also being prepared and provided to its customers. In 2016 Kaan air became the main shareholder of BV.

Helistar is Turkish corporation formed by the joint venture partners, Basari Group and Air Methods Corporation. The joint venture was formed as a vehicle to build and grow a European air medical transportation and commercial aviation business. The joint venture partners intend to leverage the international business experience and existing commercial aviation assets of the Basari Group and substantial aviation, medical, operational experience and assets of Air Methods.