This aircraft is known for its reputation for safety, stability, comfort, and value.

Enstrom Helicopters are well-suited for military pilot training, law enforcement and emergency medical use, and commercial and agriculture markets. In addition, Enstrom builds a fun helicopter to fly for the private pilot. All Enstroms are proudly made with domestic parts and labor.

The 480B combines power and weight with light agility at the controls. Experienced pilots attest to its unparalleled stability and solid craftsmanship. With the fewest number of retirement items and no airframe life limit, 480Bs have lower direct operating costs and spend less time on the ground.

Usage areas:

  • Monitoring
  • Flight training
  • Ambulance
  • Firefighting
  • VIP transportation
  • Air courier
  • Air taxi

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Gross Weight 1361 kg
Useful Load 535 kg
Empty Weight 826 kg
Engine Rating (Rolls-Royce 250-C20W)
Take-Off 420 SHP
Maximum continuous power 872 shp
Fuel Capacity
2 Interconnected Tanks 90 USG 341 lt
Pilots / Passengers 1 Pilot + 3 Passengers
External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 9.1 m / 29.84 feet
Height 3 m / 9.83 feet
Main rotor diameter 8.6 m /28.0 feet
Vne 125 knot
Cruise Speed 113 knot
Out Of Ground Effect Hover Ceiling 10600 ft
Service Ceiling 13000 ft
Max Range 667 km 360 NM
Max Endurance 4 .6 hours*

*: 5 -cell fuel system